Enabling the VL-1000 F SET and TUNE Keys with an FT-710 Exciter

by  Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJ    28 November, 2023

In its present form, the Yaesu CT-58 cable set which Yaesu recommends for use with the Quadra and the FT-710 does not make use of the transceiver's TX REQ lead (which appears on the ring of the 3.5 mm TRS REM/ALC plug).

When grounded, TX REQ keys the exciter to obtain a tuning carrier which the Quadra requires to run the F SET and TUNE functions.

To enable these features when driving the Quadra with the FT-710, connect as follows:

  1. Instead of the 3.5mm T/S to RCA cable supplied with the CT-58 set, use a stereo 3.5 mm TRS to dual RCA cable, length 1m or 2m.

  2. Connect the WHITE RCA plug (Tip, ALC) to ALC 1 on the Quadra rear panel.

  3. Connect the RED plug ((Ring, TX REQ) as follows:

  1. Insert the 3.5mm TRS plug into the REM/ALC jack on the rear panel of the FT-710.

  2. Set exciter RF POWER to 60-65W.

  3. Pressing the F SET or TUNE key on the VL-1000 front panel will now start an F SET or TUNE cycle, respectively.

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